Validate with XKOS best practices conformance shapes

  Input Data

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You can select multiple files. Supported extensions : .rdf, .ttl, .n3, .trig. Other extensions will be treated as RDF/XML. You can also send zip files.
URL of an RDF file. Same extensions as file upload are supported.
For an example, you can try validating the Shapes catalog data, against the Shape "SHACL Play! Catalog Shapes" in the list below.
Supported syntaxes : Turtle, RDF/XML, JSON-LD, TriG, TriX, N-Quads. We recommend Turtle.


Check this option to verify that each shape uses only properties explicitely declared in the shape file. In other words, this verify that are no misplaced properties, and ensures no properties other than those explicitely listed are present in the data. It makes validation operate in "closed world". Technically, this adds a sh:closed true; sh:ignoreProperties (rdf:type); on every NodeShape that is not closed already.
Enable this option to also include in the validation report the "root" cause of a validation result triggered by an sh:or, sh:and, sh:node or sh:qualifiedNodeShape.
Use this option if the data to be validated contains ontology triples and you need to apply OWL-Micro inference on the data before it is validated. /! Inference can take a very long time