Shapes Catalog

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ELI Shapes

The European Legislation Idenfitier ontology defines a common data model for exchanging legislation metadata on the web; the primary users of the ELI model are the official legal publishers of EU Member States, and the model can also be used by other organisations. The description of legislation in ELI follows the principles of FRBR.

  •    ELI, Legislation
  •   ELI Taskforce
  •   Thomas Francart
  •    Feb 1, 2017

SHACL Play! Catalog shapes

The expected structure of the SHACL Play! Shapes Catalog.

  •    SHACL, SHACL Play!
  •   Sparna
  •   Thomas Francart
  •    Jan 13, 2020


A SHACL shapes graph to validate SHACL shapes graphs.

  •    SHACL
  •   W3C
  •   W3C Data Shapes Working Group
  •    Apr 4, 2017

SKOS Shapes (Office of Publications)

Implements the following SKOS constraint checks:
- S9 skos:ConceptScheme is disjoint with skos:Concept.
- S13 : skos:prefLabel, skos:altLabel and skos:hiddenLabel are pairwise disjoint properties.
- S14 A resource has no more than one value of skos:prefLabel per language tag.
- S27 skos:related is disjoint with the property skos:broaderTransitive.
- S37 skos:Collection is disjoint with each of skos:Concept and skos:ConceptScheme.
- (9.6.4.) SKOS Concepts, Concept Collections and Semantic Relations
- S46 skos:exactMatch is disjoint with each of the properties skos:broadMatch and skos:relatedMatch.
- (10.6.2.) Clashes Between Hierarchical (skos:broadMatch skos:narrowMatch) and Associative (skos:relatedMatch, skos:closeMatch, skos:exactMatch) Mappings
- (B.3.4.2). SKOS+XL Labeling Integrity
Some warning and few error constraints are also taken from qSKOS validator []

  •    SKOS-XL, SKOS
  •   Office of Publications of the EU
  •   Office of Publications of the EU
  •    Jan 1, 2020

Sparnatural SHACL configuration profile

Defines the subset of SHACL used to configure Sparnatural. See more details in the configuration documentation

  •    Sparnatural, SHACL, SPARQL
  •   Sparna
  •   Thomas Francart
  •    Jul 11, 2023

XKOS best practices recommended and optional shapes

Specifies the recommended and optional shapes defined in the XKOS Best Practices guide.

  •    SKOS, XKOS, Statistical classifications
  •   DDi Alliance
  •   Thomas Francart
  •    Jan 20, 2023

LODE Shapes from DBPedia Archivo

Set of constraints to validate an ontology so that it can be properly processed by the LODE tool to generate documentation

  •    LODE, Ontologies, OWL
  •   DBPedia Archivo
  •   DBPedia Archivo
  •    Jul 5, 2020

ScoLOMFR Application Profile

Application Profile for the dissemination of the ScoLOMFR in RDF.

  •    Ressources Pédagogiques, LOM, LOMFR, ScoLOMFR
  •   Réseau Canopé
  •   Thomas Francart
  •    Jun 30, 2020

OpenArchaeo Shapes

Model of the OpenArchaeo platform, a subset of the CIDOC-CRM + CRMarchaeo to describe archaelogical sites discoveries, walls, burials, furnitures, stratigraphic units.

  •    CIDOC-CRM, OpenArchaeo, Archaeology
  •   MASA consortium
  •   Thomas Francart
  •    Dec 2, 2019

XKOS best practices conformance shapes

Specifies the conformance shapes defined in the XKOS Best Practices guide.

  •    SKOS, XKOS, Statistical classifications
  •   DDi Alliance
  •   Thomas Francart
  •    Jan 20, 2023