Free online RDF data validation with SHACL. SHACL Play! embeds TopBraid SHACL API from TopQuadrant.

SHACL Play report
Validate RDF data using SHACL

Get a human-readable report from a SHACL validation. Upload your RDF or validate online RDF file at some URL. Also download a CSV report, or raw SHACL Turtle report.

SHACL Play UML diagram
Draw UML diagrams from Shapes

Looking for something more visual ? Generate UML diagrams in SVG from your SHACL file ! Works with PlantUML

SHACL Play documentation generator
Generate documentation

Generate application-profile style documentation, with tables of allowed properties for each class, from your SHACL definition. Ready to be shipped to the developers !

Generate doc
SHACL Play badges
Get validation badge for your file

If your Shape file is registered in the Shapes catalog and you validate an online file, get Markdown or URL code to display a validation badge on your Github project ! See an exemple here.

Start validating
Shapes catalog
Register SHACL rules in SHACL catalog

The SHACL catalog is a curated set of online reusable SHACL files. Add yours !

Browse Shapes Catalog
Convert OWL to SHACL

So you have an OWL file and you would like to derive SHACL from it ? use the OWL-to-SHACL conversion rules to generate your SHACL constraint file.

Convert OWL to SHACL
Apply generic SHACL Rules

Want more than OWL-2-SHACL rules ? apply custom SHACL Rules on your data to derive new data.